How to make a profit writing content…

Learn how you can make a profit, turning words into content for bloggers, or on your own blog.

Writers often wonder how they can make a profit using their own stories, their research, and writing that isn’t necessarily ‘professional’ but does have excellent grammar, punctuation, and an interesting mix of intensity levels. Bloggers need articles on their websites to bring in readers, promote their products and services, and brand their niche.

If you can write fluid, flowing articles that offer relevant content, solution based information, and stories that appeal to a specific brand, your content can be profitable. 

Story writers often share their short essays in blog posts on professional blogs, because their stories appeal to the audience, further the brand recognition, and improve the volume of content available on the site. The story doesn’t necessarily have to be valuable in relevance to the products or services, but rather to the niche market who will be reading the blog – or needs the services and products available there.

stay at home mom workingOne stay-at-home mom writes legal briefs and stories about her four young children for a law site where the legal representation seeks to market to young families. Their primary content is directed at family law, writing wills for young parents, creating trust funds and financial programs for families who have substantial wealth to protect from inheritance tax law. Her efforts draw in a large number of clients through the website, each relating to her quirky family based stories, and following timely, appropriate links at the end of her articles.

travel writer for profitAnother older woman supplements her income with stories of her travels for a travel agency site catering specifically to retired travelers who appreciate the finer destinations. Her stories appeal to an audience specifically interested in group travel and destinations fitted for tourists and guided travel events.

While she opts to post a majority of her articles on her own travel blog, she’s learned that by marketing her blog on posts in travel magazines and on a variety of travel sites, she not only makes money for writing on those sites, but makes more passive income from her own blog posts on her website.

young writerA student earning his way through college, writes about the thrills and adventures of living in a college community, including the best places to find great food, cheap entertainment, and easy on the budget accommodations for singles in a high-priced city. His articles fill up the pages of a website where locating the best prices and getting budget friendly discounts is profitable for the owner of the site.

Profitable enough that she pays him quite well to provide content for her website.

Your words can be profitable!

Perhaps you’re now a stay at home mom who has a history of working in the medical field, and you’d like to write research articles to keep your own knowledge fresh and current. Where could you publish that content?

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