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$7 Biz Model – Get to Six Figure Income THIS YEAR.

I know what you’re thinking…

You’ve been at this a good minute and you think it’s all a bunch of phoey! Well, I’ve got news for you… This $7 stuff works like a charm, and I’ll even show you how it works. Easy peasy, puddin’ an’ pie. But before I give you the key to making your fortune with your very own $7 business, I want to give you a quick little story that will ignite your fire and put some burn in your britches…

$7 Business ModelWay back in the beginning, when I started selling ‘stuff’ online, I sold some stellar white papers for $7 a piece. I’d write these really cool, highly informative, 15 page white papers, explaining how things worked on the internet, and I made some cash. By ‘some cash’ I mean, I was making $300 a week or more, thinking it was big money. So, I added some other ‘stuff’ to that, and increased what I was making.

Then I followed the directions of the ‘big money gurus’ and increased my prices.

I sold some serious product for $300 – $1,000 a piece and made some really cool money doing it, and people really liked what I was offering. It worked. And they got to talk to me occasionally, and I was creating more and more big ticket stuff, and I got kind of tired.

I wanted to spend some time with family and stop CREATING product. Not only that, but I was tired of selling an item to ten people and having to CREATE more product, because nobody else was going to buy what I’d already sold for six months. They wanted ‘new stuff’. So… I had to provide it.

Then I looked back at the amazing money I was making with my ‘tiny little list’ and $7 White Papers and I thought about the incredible amount of value I was producing for those white papers. INCREDIBLE. And some of those were STILL selling for $7 a piece. STEADY as a rock, they were STILL there, making me some serious money online. And STILL contained a lot of value for $7.

So, I plugged it all into a spreadsheet added up the numbers and came to the conclusion that I was working less hours, and making more money with my tiny little list of people who wanted what I offered, and purchased from me regularly at $7 an item.

The Reality?

I was making more money when I was selling $7 an item White Papers than I was making, selling the big money programs to people and not working nearly as hard. And my list had grown…

check markSo, I dug out my old White Papers and started looking them over. They were pretty well dated and worn out, but they still had a lot of value. I just needed to update them and add in the current details of working online. But more importantly, I needed to add in some working links, and offer up my new business experience online.

That’s when I started writing new White Paper *content* and building a new file full of Informative, Educational, and USEFUL White Papers, Case Studies and Reports to sell to my new, expanded list of buying clients, whom I knew would want to know how to build a list and grow their income using easy to write, ready to use, step-by-step directions to $7 White Paper Profits.

So, here it is —-

BE REAL. Not everyone can afford a $1,000 program to learn how to make money online, but most can afford a $7 product that will help them get started growing their business online, so they can eventually afford to spend another $7 on something that will INCREASE their business.

And quite frankly, I’d rather help 143 people at $7, than one at $1,000. Of course, helping one person is important, but if I could help 143 people and still make my $1,000, you’d better believe, I’d rather. The more people I can help to get out of poverty, the better I’m going to like it, the happier I’ll be, and the more people can step up and buy other products that can help them too.

And the best part —-

When I broke the program down so it could be understood more easily, and sold at $7 instead of $1,000, I realized that I could show you more easily how to make money in smaller amount, and more people could follow the program. The $7 Business Model works because it’s a breakdown of the bigger business model into workable pieces that anyone can do.

Success comes with actually doing what has to be done, to succeed.

If you overwhelm a person with $1,000 project that can’t be accomplished in micro-steps, they never really succeed. They get lost in the number of steps, the amount of work to be done, and they never really make the effort to get started. But when you break it down, give them incremental steps that can be done quickly and easily with profitable results, success is imminent.

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